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Swedish Posture presents Posture Classic, a reminder of attitude that improves both your performance and your radiance. It provides both direct help to better posture and training posture muscles in the long term . It is perfect for better posture, core muscle activation, support for key bone fractures. It relieves stress, tension and rigid shoulder in the back for both men and women , Unisex. No more cheeseburger, Ipad-neck or bad attitude.

Should be used 1-3 hours at a time, under the jacket or jacket.
Can be washed at 40 degrees .
Material:  71% cotton, 25% nylon, 4% elastane
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Posture Classic corrector brace

HOW TO USE POSTURE CLASSIC – Posture Classic is a comfortable attitude that, through its reminder instead of relieving function , improves your posture over time . Wear the Posture Classic   loosely regulated so it only stretches when you lose your stature and you are encouraged to stretch you . Posture Classic is regulated on the backside before putting it on.

THERE IS HOLDING IMPORTANT – Body arrest affects your body language, mood and results. Good posture increases well-being and reduces stress, while strengthening the back and muscles.

SMALL, DISCUSSIVE   AND EASY TO USE – Posture Classic is designed for you. It is comfortable, adjustable and thin so you can wear it under your clothes . Classic has an adjustable buckle on the back so you can adjust for perfect fit and your unique combination of support and reminders. The recommended use time is 1-3 hours per day . It can be worn everyday, in front of the computer, on the workout or under the hood at the office. It can be used by both women and men both at the training session and at the office.

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – No more dull backs over any computer. Posture Classic reminds you to stretch yourself so you improve both your physique and your appearance.

User Guide Posture Classic

– Posture Classic is a posture that should be used for 1-3 hours at a time.
– Use your Posture Classic with a loose fit so it only tightens when you relax and curl your back. Posture Classic encourages you to straighten your back.
– Posture Classic is regulated on the back before it is put on to ensure a perfect fit.
– Posture Classic gives you low-intensity posture training while doing something else.
– With Posture Classic on, it is more convenient to stretch your back than to crumble. The difference between Classic and Flexi is how to adjust the product. Flexi can be adjusted when the seat is on, Classic must be adjusted before.
Relieves excitement, stress and rigid shoulder.
– Can be washed in 40 ° C.
– Wear Posture Classic over a thin shirt, and can be hidden under the jacket or jacket.

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